This is just a small presentation of my latest hobby project.
At the bottom I've also included two side-pages that might or might not be relevant, but showcases some of my tools-interest and wideness of skills.

This is my latest hobby project.
It's a 2d-platform engine, and it's on a discovery to find what time of game will be made in it.

There's been three big iterations of game types, where the first one was a non-violent game with a lots of water physics, plants and way to move the water.

I didn't have any up and running version of this.

This is the editor (C#) used for the game. All features in there is not complete yet but there's a bunch of integrated tools.

This is the second, more violent iteration of the game. Meant to be some arena shooter. Wasn't too happy with that either though.

Current iteration, remake of the nes game Rygar. No level design done yet but some tile tests.

Links to some other mixed material